Day 1:January 2010

Thursdays on Bravo were a highlight of the week because it meant Project Runway. My parents and I watched designers creatively challenged – and drained-- get bolstered and supported by Tim Gunn, a gentleman in a gorgeously tailored suit.


These contestants, week after week, were asked to exhibit their passion and drive in pursuit of success in the fashion industry. An elusive dream that seemed accessible through reality television editing.


Project Runway was the reason I became obsessed with clothing design, and as of January 2010 I had been married to the idea of going into fashion for three years . It was an industry I was only familiar with through the gloss of my Vogue subscription, WWD online, and the more accessible Fashion Rookie blog that was written by Tavi, a girl only a year older than me that was fueled by fashion as a mode of self expression. However, Project Runway remained queen.


I wanted so badly to be recognized for my dream of being a designer by Tim.


During my winter break I stayed up late—past 10:30 late-- and I rendered designs until I felt like what I had produced was worthy of Tim to critique himself. I googled his work address at Liz Claiborne, collaged the large envelope so he would see it, slipped three sketches with a handwritten letter, and sent it off. In my mailbox, no more that two weeks later, was a signed autograph and a kind note with my returned “originals”. A gentleman in a gorgeously tailored suit had bolstered and supported me, a 12 ½ year old designer obsessed with a world that was as far away from Longmont, Colorado as one could get.