Day 10:December  2010

The morning of December 1st, 2010 was a late start. The first Wednesday of the month in which we would go into school 2.5 hours late so that teachers could work without students present.


I had had stomach aches the night before at dance class, but had brushed it off as two much dairy before ballet. So when I woke up and found a brown splotch in my underwear for about 5 minutes I thought… “Well it’s finally happened. I’m 13, I didn’t have a lot of accidents as a kid, I finally shit my pants overnight”


Adults who have a uterus would understand right away that this wasn’t the case, and it slowly dawned on me that I was now a person who got a period.


My American Girl The Care of Keeping of You had been warning me about this. I had “breast buds” and was beginning to have pimples on the top right corner of my forehead (the reason for the bangs).


I called my mom at work, and to my horror she quickly called my dad (who was at home and responsible for my brother and I in this moment). I was quickly supplied with pads and sent off to school.


That night, my dad sweetly asked whether I needed anything without saying the “P” word. My brother broke the subtlety by asking why there were diapers in our shared trashcan. I guess 11 year old boys can't read the room easily.