Day 2:February  2010

Day 2// February 2010: When Alexander McQueen died by suicide, it was the first time that I understood that someone who could imagine such beauty, could additionally be defeated by the same mind.

He was my introduction to fashion as art, designing complex shows that redefined the industry. However, defining an industry, and being able to define oneself are two very different things, as we see over and over again with artists in particular.

To this day a large poster from his Met Exhibit in 2011 hangs in my bedroom in Colorado. For the entirety of high school, large, headless angels, swathed in his creations danced on my walls. A melancholy motivation to design garments that proved the extraordinary ability of humans to recognize beauty, and translate it imprisonment.”

through our own lens. However, what he represents to me has morphed.He not only created such beautiful and innovative things because he saw beauty in the world, but he also couldn’t see the beauty within himself. “Fashion should be a form of escapism, not a form of