Day 3: April   2010

Day 3//April 2010: I remember the 7thgrade YMCA retreat like this: 


·            I roomed with Keyler, Ryan…and I can’t quite remember the fourth, but I was on the top bunk against the wall. 

·            There was a hike in which we were asked to build a shelter as if we had to camp out there for the night. I was hell bent on proving myself as a survivalist because I had internalized my obsession with books like Hatchet and Little House on the Prairie in elementary school. In retrospect I would have been a story on the news had I actually had to build a shelter. 

·            I watched Chandler get hit with a basketball on the side of the head and was concussed. 

·            Avery had a broken arm and was the talkof the whole weekend.

·            I’m pretty sure a few of the boys tried to get out and ended up breaking a screen to a window in the process. 

·            There was tie-dying and rollerblading and a self defense class in a log cabin. Experiences I could only compare to the Lindsay Lohan remake of The Parent Trap. 

·            Everyone was playing I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas.


·            The dining hall was completely wood paneled, and all I ate for breakfast were sausage paddies that were pork because my mom pretty much exclusively bought turkey or Morning Horizon at home.


I can’t imagine what the teachers looked like coming off of that bus after just 3 days with us…