Day 7:july  2010

My aunt called my dad after giving birth to my cousin Cat while we were visiting the Eiffel Tower.


Over the phone she exclaimed that Catherin Grace Alexander easily could have been the biggest baby born in Switzerland. A land of petite people that in turn gave birth to petite babies, Cat was nothing of the sort. She was full term and American, the evidence laying in the photos of a hefty, beautiful, loaf nestled on the laps of her family. The photos that were shared were of pure joy.


10 years younger than her sister Hannah, the family of three became four abroad, while we were abroad. We were suddenly physically closer to them than we had been for a long time, and it felt supremely special.


My brother and I couldn’t complain about how much our feet hurt, or how tired we were by the day, because something magical and everyday as a new baby had interrupted the general programming of being two tweens on vacation with our parents.  

We shut up, sat down on some steps, and waited while the phone was passed between my parents.