Day 8:September  2010

I have a…relationship…with my hair. Its become an indicator to those close to me of the changes happening in my personal life, and the first cut that signaled the beginning of this lifelong expression was in 8th grade.


Since 4th grade I had been growing my hair out, and by the fall of 2010 it had reached my mid-back. Darkening with early puberty, it was no longer the bright blonde of childhood, but a golden color that was transitioning from straight to vague reflection parents curl as the year was ticking away.


And then Emma Watson cut all of her hair off. I could not get over the drama of it all. She was finally free of filming Harry Potter, and she was showing the world.


So naturally, a freshly minted teenager ready to express how free I could be, cut all of my hair off as well.


For a week, the shock that I could ever…as a girl…have cut my hair OFF shook the grade. A brief exhibition of how deeply heteronormative and gendered middle schoolers can be.




Before the cut I had been able to fade into the background. My tee shirts and long hair conforming to the norm that resulted in a safe experience during a period of growth few people actually are graced with.


The short hair grew into a dutch boy hair cut, but I rocked the awkwardness of It all. I wore headbands, and in turn my fashion choices became louder and louder which ultimately produced an emotional resilience to deflect pettiness. People snickered out of jealousy or entertainment but I generally didn't care. People can get used to anything.